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What to pay attention to when replacing kitchen faucets
Addtimes: 2023-04-21

Single hole kitchen faucet

1. Some water inlet hoses have been used for a long time, resulting in embrittlement or rusting of fasteners, which makes it impossible to unscrew the hoses temporarily. You can apply two or three drops of oil to the rusted area and remove the faucet from it.

2. Single hole kitchen faucet: It is a relatively common faucet, and the key points for installation are basic fixation. The installation screw nut of the faucet needs to be fixed to avoid loosening.

3. Installation of thermostatic kitchen faucets: One thing to note about thermostatic faucets is that they have two water pipes, hot and cold. Therefore, during installation, it is necessary to distinguish between hot and cold water pipes and not mix them, otherwise the faucet will not produce water. Additionally, a cold and hot water filter screen is required.

4. The installation precautions for other faucets are similar to the above two types. In addition, in terms of appearance and function, it is necessary to confirm the quality of the faucet accessories before installation, in order to avoid being unable to use them after installation, and to remove them.

Replacing kitchen faucets is a simple task, but it requires tools. If there are no tools, it is relatively easy to disassemble them.

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